Things To See And Do In Croatia This Summer


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Of all the countries in Eastern Europe, Croatia is one of the hottest at the moment, as its mix of affordability, culture, and natural beauty has backpackers checking the place out before it gets too pricey.

If you follow in their footsteps, here’s what you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

1) Dubrovnik

When it comes to epic places in visit while in Croatia, no place even comes close to besting Dubrovnik. A massive fortified city situated on the Dalmatian Coast, its stone walls jut out into the Adriatic like a giant shield – with soaring mountains rising behind it, this place was a challenge for enemies to even consider invading.

Most of the Old Town is preserved exclusively for pedestrians, allowing walkers to drink in the Baroque architecture that rises all around them. With grand plazas, restaurants which specialize in Balkan and Italian cuisine, and opportunities to scale its city walls and the peaks above, you’ll have no shortage of things to do during your time here.

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2) Split

Haven’t had your fill of ancient ruins just yet? Head up the coast to the city of Split, where you’ll find the remains of what used to be the retirement home for one of the former emperors of Rome. Remarkably, Diocletian’s Palace has made it through the ages in relatively good shape, assisted by retrofits through the centuries.

This structure blends in with the Old Town of Split seamlessly, creating a maze of architecture, boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, and taverns from which you won’t want to find your way out. When you aren’t sightseeing, go swimming at a nearby beach – the water isn’t tropical, but it is warm enough to be delightful in summer, and refreshing in the early fall.

3) Plitvice Lakes

Next, head inland to check out the Plitvice Lakes. One of Croatia’s finest natural attractions, this multi-tiered set of waterfalls and crystal-clear lakes has transfixed countless visitors over the years, and while it has become quite popular lately, its magic persists to this day.

If you want to experience it without having to tangle with too many people, we urge you to visit the park in the spring or fall, as doing this will help you avoid the summer holiday crowd.

4) Go sailing from one Croatian island to the next

Finally, no visit to Croatia is complete without going on a sailing trip through its Adriatic isles. Many of these voyages depart from Split, so we recommend heading there to find a great deal. Over the course of days or weeks, you’ll visit places like Hvar, Vis, Rab, Korcula, and more.

With isolated beaches, cute towns, and wicked festivals being found on these Croatian islands, it will prove to be the summer adventure of a lifetime.