The Pros And Cons Of Soft Floor Camper Trailers


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It’s a debate that has been around since the dawn of time: whether there are more pros or cons when it comes to soft floor camper trailers. Soft floor campers are typically purchased by families with multiple kids, and that’s because the design of the soft floor camper trailer offers plenty of space when compared to other options. Soft floor camper trailers can be found in camping grounds all over the country, and they’re often a cheaper alternative to the more modern and easy-to-use hard floor camper trailer.

Some of the pros of soft floor campers include:


The biggest pro of owning a soft floor camper trailer is the ample room that it provides for the whole family. Yes, even the kids! A soft floor camper trailer often has double the footprint of a traditional hard floor camper, so no matter how many kids are coming along for the ride, there will always be plenty of room to roll out an air mattress and a sleeping bag. Soft floor camper trailers really are great when it comes to space, making them ideal for those who value comfort.


You can’t talk about the pros of a soft floor camper trailer without bringing up the topic of just how much storage space they offer. This is particularly helpful for the large families that these campers are designed for, as bringing a lot of kids along for the ride can result in a lot of gear. A soft floor camper trailer with lots of storage space is also perfect for stowing away the amounts of food and drink that large families need when heading away from civilisation for more than a few days at a time. Additionally, soft floor campers are useful for carrying everything from camping gear through to clothing.


As the old proverb goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too – and the same applies with soft floor camper trailers. Soft floor camper trailers are heavy and can be difficult to tow because they’re constructed from a lot of canvas, and this results in a lot of additional weight, particularly if the camper features additional rooms that can often turn the camper into a bit of a mansion. Canvas is heavy and this results in a camper trailer that’s not lightweight or easy to tow. However, a soft floor camper trailer does have a lot of space. The trade off is that you just can’t have all of that extra handy space without the additional materials that add weight.

Another con is that a soft floor camper trailer can often be more of a mission to set up and pack down. For these reasons, soft floor campers are not everyone’s preferred choice, but they do offer many pros and are a suitable choice for countless adventurers looking to travel around Australia.