Earning Money During Your Travels


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Do you travel often? Maybe you don’t, but do you want to travel often, and not worry about money all the time? Or even if you do keep worrying about money, to at least stop the tedious process of getting money together at least for one month before you even decide to start thinking of traveling? While nothing is guaranteed, there are some options for you to earn money during your travels.

That’s the first thing many people say when asked how to make money while traveling. Set up a blog and start writing about your travels. Share the blog with your friends, in forums, write often and on specific topics. You can earn with platforms such as Google Adsense, banner networks, advertorials. Yes, it’s not as easy as it might sound at first, but it’s definitely possible. Additionally there are also some sites out there that offer you their platform to publish your articles and get paid for them based on reader numbers. So there are options.

Street performing
If you have a skill, maybe you can play an instrument, maybe you’re good at magic, or anything else, and don’t mind performing for some cash, meal, or night at a hostel, this could definitely be an option for you. And while you’re at at, buy some online lottery to give you the slight chance of learning you’ve made the rest of your travels easier after coming home from the long day on the street.

Random jobs online
Depending your skill set, you can register at various online portals (like Upwork or Fiverr) and offer your freelance services there – be it writing, programming, designing, or anything else. You might not get paid a lot, but the random assignments definitely can help a bit with your travel budget.

Seasonal work
Depending on where you are, you can pick fruits or vegetables for money. Sometimes there might be lots of farms in need of temporary extra hands.

Temp in bar or hostel
Sometimes you can easily find a job from some bars, restaurants and cafeterias for a week or two. Often it might seem it’s difficult to find something, and at other times, don’t be surprised if you’ll be offered a temp position at a bar you’ve started going to.

These are only a few ways you can earn money during your travels. Obviously, this list is far from complete. But just to get your brain working and find something that would work for you.