Best Travel Boredom Cures: Take Your Pick!


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Who doesn’t love getting away from it all on a cool holiday or a relaxing beach trip? Whether you want to see interesting sights, treat the family to a magical adventure or simply chill out with a cocktail, traveling is great. One aspect that you may not be as big a fan of, though, is the journey there and back!

This is a real shame, as it is part of your holiday and should also be enjoyable. Taking the time to plan a few exciting things to do while moving around can help alleviate these dull moments. It will not only keep the kids entertained but also make it a better experience for you. For solo travelers, it can really help turn those long flights or coach journeys into something to look forward to.

How to beat those boredom blues

It could be a trip to vibrant Croatia or a jaunt to sunny Madrid. Wherever you are off to, the below should help to make it fun:

  • Listen to music – One amazing way to keep entertained is to listen to some tunes. All modern travelers will have a tablet or smartphone with them to make this easy. Simply use the streaming service you have on your mobile device or load up some videos on YouTube to listen to. It will soon make the journey go by fast, and you will be at your destination in no time at all!
  • Play online casino games – The real beauty with this tip is that you will have loads of fun and maybe even win some money for when you arrive! Casino games are great for keeping busy, and there are lots to choose from online. Whether it is a hand of blackjack or simply the latest slot games like Pirate’s Charm, you will be sure to find something to while the hours away. 
  • Draw – Studies have shown that coloring has many benefits for adults. Of course, it is also a great activity to keep the kids quiet if you are on a family holiday. Drawing and coloring will help stimulate the imagination and make the whole travelling experience much calmer. For extra fun, you could always draw pictures of where you are headed to.
  • Watch a movie or TV show – A very popular way to pass the time on a journey is to watch a movie or TV show on your mobile device. This is also another superb way to help keep kids from getting bored. There are many services that you can use to stream or download the latest films or shows. It really is one of the best ways to help those hours fly by!

Take you pick to stay busy 

Let’s face it – by the time you have hung around waiting for your train, coach or plane and then made the journey itself, traveling can get tiring. One great way to make this leg of the trip better is to plan a few ways to keep boredom at bay. Any of the above will help with this and see you arriving at your destination in the best possible spirits!